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However, it’s important to note that system components can

Just a couple more points to make, first it is possible to select a white balance on the first shot and then realize 30 minutes later that the light has changed drastically. In this case you will always have the RAW files to go back to in order to change the white balance to something a little more accurate. Second, if you have purchased Lightroom 3 you can run two instances of the software one on your home desktop computer and another on a laptop.

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Yet, the fact is that half the world is populated by women

Even a Dalit man would look down upon a savarna woman. Yet, the fact is that half the world is populated by women. We are fighting small fights Hindus versus Muslims, Dalits versus upper castes. Indeed, it is possible to diagnose CHH up to six months after birth by demonstrating lack of “mini puberty” (normal male neonates exhibit levels of testosterone, LH, and FSH that are not far off the adult male reference range). Nevertheless, these boys typically only get surgical review in the UK without paediatric endocrine input, and therefore the opportunity to make an early diagnosis is lost.Otherwise, the typical presentation in males is with delayed or absent puberty, which may not always be immediately distinguishable from “constitutional” delay. However, if the boy is anosmic or has a history of undescended testes, neonatal micropenis, cleft lip/palate, or deafness, then the pre test probability of CHH increases exponentially.

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